YTP 101: Boulder's Revenge (Collab Entry for TRXN's TTTE Collab)
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Video #179
Date Added: February 1, 2019
Genre: Cringe comedy, black comedy, surrealism
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Boulder's Revenge is Jackninja5's 101st YouTube Poop and the second video he premiered.



  • Boulder sings AC/DC's Back in Black, referencing an episode from Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Engines on Sodor series, which played the music in the episode Wrath of Boulder when Thumper enters.
  • When Rusty runs from Boulder, Indiana Jones music plays.
  • Several references to Rusty and the Evil Boulder are made due to it being a sequel.
  • The Fat Controller turning Boulder into a truck and his speech before the revelation is an homage to PaulsVids' Thomas the Tank Engine: Project G-1, where The Fat Controller turns Keith Hartley, Thomas' driver, into a truck for whistleblowing on his unethical activities on Sodor.
  • Boulder claims to be Super Boulder and is referencing Dragon Ball as he apparently meant Super-Saiyan.
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