Gordon is a supporting character in the YouTube Poops. He either serves as an antagonist, anti-hero or even a hero.


Gordon is very pompous and rude and thinks of himself as superior to anyone else. He is undoubtedly very strong and fast which goes to his head very easily. He takes pride in pulling the express and hates it when he's given any other job. He often acts antagonistic to the others and puts himself first. Unlike The Fat Controller and Jackninja5, however, he is not a character of evil but really just a jerk. Gordon has a clique with Henry and James but he doesn't always get along with them and he is seen as their leader as he often does the talking when going on strike or picking on others.

Gordon has a large conflict with the Fat Controller and often stands up to his tyranny. This often ends up in his suffering and he reluctantly does as he is told because he secretly fears him. The Fat Controller loves to make fun of him and often belittles him for his accidents whether they are his fault or not. While Gordon is obedient with The Fat Controller, he is not as obedient with Jackninja5 and successfully foils his plans when he was controller.

Gordon does have a small nice side as he does manage to fulfil his part of the alliance he has with Thomas. He also stated that he is friends with the Troublesome Trucks.


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