Jackninja5 (also known as Trainlover1999, Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls or Ninja5) (May 25, 1999-) is an Australian Internet comedian, sceptic and social critic. She is best known for her YouTube Poops and comments involving advocacy of human rights, atheism, Trotskyte socialism, scepticism, freedom of speech and vegetarianism.

Style of comedy

Jackninja5's humour is highly off-colour. She had usually made videos involving lots of profanity and sexual jokes like double entendres, causing controversy. She never stopped though. In 2014, Jackninja5's humour has gotten a lot darker and he even goes as far as making fun of rape, paedophillia, the disabled, HIV, the Holocaust, the September 11 attacks, Malaysia Airlines disasters and many others. She has now stopped with jokes on sex for a bit but she still uses the words "fuck" and "c*nt" a lot. Jackninja5 and often satirises politics in comments on videos. Jackninja5 also insults the audience on her video summaries and sometimes insults herself. Jackninja5 has also been known to criticise religion a lot as an atheist and often finds many devout Christians in comments and she usually battles them. Many have found her obscene humour and dark humour offensive.


Jackninja5 has watched many videos and YouTube Poops throughout the years and has finally decided to create a YouTube account on September 2012. She finally started making videos on September 22. She had been using the Talking Friends apps and Unnecessary Censorship app and soon she used iMovie to start making some YouTube Poops with WTLNetwork's swear pack.

She got loads of controversies about profanity on some of her videos. It lasted from 2012-2013.

In 2013, she made a lot of YouTube Poops and gained popularity after her South Park video. Many of her YouTube Poops contained jokes on sex, death and rape. On November 2013, Jackninja5's computer had internet issues causing her to return to Talking Tom videos and stop making YouTube Poops for a while.

As of February 23 2014, Jackninja5 returned to having an internet connection and found out about her Peppa Pig YouTube Poop being deleted, angering her. She later uploaded what she considers one of her best videos, The Jackninja5 Crapload. However, on March 15, 2014, she left YouTube for a bit due to many reasons. She soon returned uploading many more YouTube Poops but not as much as 2013. She had gotten into darker topics now and made jokes on the September 11 attacks, July 7 London Bombings, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappearance and religion.

Strike of 2015

Main article: Strike of 2015

Jackninja5's The Cuckoo Clock Hates George and South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17 got blocked globally, causing a strike made by her.


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Around school and the Club Penguin Wiki in 2012, Jackninja5 was repeatedly told about how profane her videos were. Jackninja5 tried to get them to stop by telling them swearing was allowed on YouTube and if it didn't matter there, why would it matter on other places. This went on but in 2013, it finally stopped.

Peppa Pig YTPs

Jackninja5 had tried to upload Mr. Potato Cums, her first Peppa Pig YouTube Poop, but it was blocked globally as it was uploaded. She then uploaded it on SkyDrive.

In 2014, many YouTube users complained about Jackninja5's YTP called Daddy Pig Tries to Escape His Worst Nightmare: Exercise due to them disliking Peppa Pig. However, it got removed for inappropriate language.

On December 24, 2014, Jackninja5 had received a copyright strike for The Cuckoo Clock Hates George and had to go through copyright school. She decided to not upload any YTPs for six months afterwards and she would never make another Peppa Pig YouTube Poop.


See: JackthePVZMaster

On January 22, 2013, Jackninja5 had created a gaming channel for her games as she is also a gamer. The channel has over 100 subscribers.

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