Not to be confused with the real person.

Jackninja5 is the secondary antagonist of his own YouTube Poops. He has had the role of primary antagonist of his 100th YouTube Poop.


Jackninja5 as a character is a complete over-exaggeration of the real Jackninja5. He has been presented as a villainous scrap dealer who loves to melt down steam engines and replace them with diesel. He is the opposite to The Fat Controller, as while The Fat Controller openly attacks his engines and abuses them verbally, Jackninja5 tends to keep his malicious intents secret and attack engines in private. He never publicly reveals his evil until desperate measures but that ultimately leads to his plan being foiled.

Jackninja5 is also incredibly insane as he goes to a lot of lengths to torture the engines in his YouTube Poops behind the scenes and even has them killed multiple times in them. However, unlike The Fat Controller, he actually cares for his workers, like 'Arry and Bert.


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