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[[Category:Deceased Characters]]

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Sir Topham Fatt, better known as The Fat Controller, is the main antagonist of Jackninja5's Thomas the Tank Engine YouTube Poops.


The Fat Controller is extremely greedy and self-centred as he's only in it for the money. He has created a totalitarian dictatorship with himself at the centre combining elements of Fascism, nationalism and despotism to keep himself in power. He has very few real allies and even then, he only uses them to benefit himself.

The Fat Controller is also very ignorant of working conditions and even basic human rights as shown with his treatment of his engines and his workmen. Worker's strikes are met with brutality and executions and the workers and engines are not paid at all. He keeps 100% of the profit and never cares for the lives of others unless it's of benefit to him. He will have no hesitation to kill anyone, including his own wife, if they displease him in the slightest. He is also an abusive husband as he had beaten his wife when she cheated on him with Thomas.

The Fat Controller is also capable of lying as he told the trucks false rumours about the engines but blamed Thomas for it as revenge for him sleeping with his wife. He also attempts to scam the police even if they are loyal to him and he's known for torturing opponents. The Fat Controller's worst action was committed to Boulder by biofusing him into a truck for defending his land from his quarry.


Henry vs. The Fat Controller

The Fat Controller (then known as Sir Topham Hatt) was called to investigate Henry staying shut up in a tunnel. He demands Henry be pulled out but Henry runs him over. After resurrection and surgery, the passengers and crew pull a rope tied to him without The Fat Controller's help because he claimed he was forbidden to pull by his doctor. Henry came out but then went back in and didn't get out again. So everyone tried pushing with The Fat Controller claiming he was forbidden to push by his doctor which Henry thinks of as false. Thomas crashes into the train but Henry doesn't move so The Fat Controller gives up and bricks him up for where he would stay forever. This act of entrapment is the first indication of The Fat Controller's evil nature.


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