YTP 57: Sodor Receives the London Bombing (YTP Collab Entry for TTTEevstar)
Video #108
Date Added: September 19, 2014
Genre: Black comedy, observational comedy, political satire, shock humour
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Sodor Receives the London Bombing is Jackninja5's fifty-seventh YouTube Poop. It was uploaded on September 19, 2014 as a collab entry for TTTEevstar's TTTE 30th Anniversary YTP Collab. This is the second collab Jackninja5 joined. It focuses centrally on the July 7 London bombings in 2005.


Jackninja5 sends a message saying "I'll fucking join" the collab, TTTEevstar was hosting. It then shows a scene of Thomas waiting for fish to get loaded into his trucks. The fishermen were drunk and a crate of fish drops on Thomas and his driver and fireman laugh. It then shows the part of the episode when it says Thomas was "speeding along the coastal run" so it was edited to a policeman waving a red flag. It then shows the policeman saying "DISGRACEFUL!" and saying he didn't sleep. Thomas then said he only said "What's the matter now?". The police asks "Where's your cock?" and notes that Thomas was speeding and he was dangerous. The driver gets annoyed.

The Fat Controller was eating "little boys" for breakfast and the butler told him to go to the telephone. Gordon was on the phone calling him saying "Henry whistles too much" and the Fat Controller responds saying "Go away, Gordon".


  • This was, according to Jackninja5, a late upload due to the Transperth train line failure on his way home from school.


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