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|Box title = Strike of 2015
|Box title = Strike of 2015
|Row 1 title = Date:
|Row 1 title = Date:
|Row 1 info = {{Start date|2014|12|24}} - present ({{Age|year2={{CURRENTYEAR}}|year1=2014|month2={{CURRENTMONTH}}|month1=12|day2={{CURRENTDAY}}|day1=24}})
|Row 1 info = {{Start date|2014|12|24}} - {{End date|2015|06|21}} ({{Age|year2=2015|year1=2014|month2=06|month1=12|day2=21|day1=24}})
|Row 2 title = Cause:
|Row 2 title = Cause:
|Row 2 info =
|Row 2 info =

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Strike of 2015


December 24, 2014 (2014-12-24) - June 21, 2015 (2015-06-21) (5 months and 4 weeks)




The Strike of 2015 is an action made by Jackninja5 after the blocking of The Cuckoo Clock Hates George on December 24, 2014. The event started with a strike on his channel and him creating a strike which prevents him from uploading videos until June 21, 2015, the strike's end. During January, the copyright strike lifted and the video was only blocked in Russia. However, on January 18, 2015, South Park Theme Songs Seasons 1-17 was globally blocked for copyright, with it expiring on July. The Cuckoo Clock Hates George got a copyright strike again on January 22, causing the expire date to be January 17, 2016 and the lockdown of many videos.

The only YouTube Poop available is Mario Cheats in Go Fish.

The strike has caused a massive loss of views and subscribers, with only 25,000 views and 1,137 subscribers.








  • February 22 - A lot of loss has been found on the channel due to the strike.

2013-14 Internet Issue  · Ninja5 Crisis (Strike of 2015  · Operation Lockdown)
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